Help Employees Write Better

Help Employees Write Better

Help Employees Write Better: A Guide for Managers, Trainers, and Others Who Care About Business Writing

Stop rewriting other people’s documents! Start inspiring clear, concise writing that gets results.

Are you:

  • Frustrated by employee writing that never gets to the point?
  • Embarrassed by error-marred messages sent from your team to clients?
  • Tired of revising reports or proposals that lack power and focus?
  • Looking for practical, proven ways to increase employees’ business writing skills?

The solution is NOT to review, rewrite, or correct employee writing. Taking those steps means doing the employees’ jobs. There isn’t enough time in the day for that. You need a lasting solution.

The solution is to help employees develop their writing skills. As a manager, editor, trainer, business owner, or someone else who understands the power of the written word and how to apply it, you need to help others understand and apply that power themselves.

We’ve Created a Resource to Help You Help Them.

Help Employees Write Better: A Guide for Managers, Trainers, and Others Who Care About Business Writing provides 60 solutions to help you help others write better. Get expert strategies, tips, and action steps to help employees improve their skills—all in this 96-page guide.

Help Employees Write Better can rescue you from all the high costs of bad writing:

  • When error-filled letters reach clients and customers, they lose confidence and take their business elsewhere.
  • When employees can’t write efficiently, deadlines slip and opportunities go to other companies and divisions.
  • When vague writing leads to misinterpretation, your time and money pour out in attempts to rectify the situation—sometimes in court.
  • When boilerplate proposals ignore the needs of potential customers, they go looking for another firm to supply what they need.
  • When employees aren’t confident of their business writing skills, they don’t contribute their suggestions, recommendations, and feedback. Their expertise is wasted.
  • When readers can’t understand poorly written email, they respond with repeated questions, wasting everyone’s time and energy. Or they ignore it—and projects hang in limbo.

What Fans Are Saying

“‘Help Employees Write Better’ very clearly and concisely provides methods and tools we can use to help others become better writers. I recommend this guide to busy managers, HR professionals, and trainers, who can easily use it for quick, on-the-spot coaching or to develop company-wide programs.”
—Karina Miller, Sr. Director of Human Resources, Impinj, Inc.

“‘Help Employees Write Better’ is fabulous. It is full of practical tips to help busy managers focus on specific areas for improvement and get results. A manager can pinpoint an area in an employee’s writing and use the writing assessment tool to customize a training plan. I found the solutions practical and easy to implement. In fact, I tried one of the proofreading tips today and caught two errors on a memo I was sending to one of our group leaders.”
—Barbara J. Paige, Manager, Legal Support, Dorsey & Whitney LLP

No other guide contains so many precise techniques and tools to help you coach employees to develop their writing skills. Based on Lynn Gaertner-Johnston’s vast experience helping thousands of employees and managers improve their writing, Help Employees Write Better:

  • Helps you identify both strengths and weaknesses in employees’ writing, with a writing assessment you can copy and reuse.
  • Gives you successful coaching strategies, sample coaching questions, and ways to talk with employees about how to improve their writing.
  • Provides proven methods and plenty of written examples to increase your confidence as a writing coach.

Never Again Stay Late to Rewrite an Employee’s Poorly Written Document.

In Help Employees Write Better, learn:

  • Why rewriting an employee’s work is a “worst practice”—and which approaches work best for long-term skill development.
  • How to delegate a writing assignment so you get what you need—without writing it yourself.
  • Which rules of email etiquette you can expect everyone to follow, and how to discuss them with your team—without creating more email.
  • What to say to brainy team members when their writing is too technical or sophisticated for the audience.
  • How to discover which job applicants can write (and which can’t)—before you hire them.
  • How to save hours of editing by introducing “The Way We Write” in new-employee orientation.
  • Which single document you can create that will help everyone write consistently and correctly—and how to create it.
  • Where to start when you can’t even finish an employee’s writing without frowning.
  • How to improve everyone’s writing without the cost of a writing workshop.

Read Excerpts From Help Employees Write Better.

Click below to read three excerpts.

Solution 7: Coach using two simple questions.

Solution 25: Expect error-free writing, within reason.

Solution 45: Negative? Show them how to be nice.

Help Employees Write Better Reveals:

  • Seven ways to help employees write faster and meet deadlines.
  • Eight strategies for helping recent graduates write for business readers—not academics.
  •  Five writer’s secrets that lead to short, crisp documents (Pass them on!).
  • Twenty things you can do to inspire better writing from employees.
  • Eight unacceptable—and illegal—uses of email that employees must avoid.
  • Eight proofreading methods—and one little-known screen function—to help employees find errors.
  • Four Microsoft Office features that would save time and eliminate errors if only employees knew about them.
  • Ten out-of-date rules of business writing you must stop applying.
  • Everything you need to create performance improvement plans for your employees.

Purchase Options: Licensed PDF or Printed Booklet

In a spiral-bound 96-page volume or a PDF, Help Employees Write Better: A Guide for Managers, Trainers, and Others Who Care About Business Writing is yours for $79.95. (Volume discounts apply.) No other guide provides you with the writing assessment, tools, advice, and strategies to help employees develop their written communication skills. Save time. Invest in employee development. Build a team of effective writers.

Purchase a license for each employee, and print copies of the guide or upload it to your company intranet.

  • No more rewriting vague proposals. Coach employees to understand their audience.
  • Never again hire an individual who can’t write. Assess writing skills before you hire.
  • Stop writing it yourself. Start delegating in a way that guarantees effective writing.
  • Never again give up on weak writers. Help them improve their skills systematically, one solution at a time.
  • No more sending employees and managers off to pricey, inappropriate classes. Coach them on the job to solve their writing problems.

Get a comprehensive tool to help you help others write better. Increase your confidence and skills as a writer and writing coach.

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you do not discover valuable ways to improve employee writing in your organization, we will refund your investment in full.

Better business writing, guaranteed.