Business Writing With Heart

Business Writing With Heart

Business Writing With Heart: How to Build Great Work Relationships One Message at a Time

Make sure your writing supports your relationships. Lynn Gaertner-Johnston’s award-winning book helps you achieve your writing goals while developing and sustaining all-important work relationships. It helps you nurture positive relationships in every message you send.

Whether you write to the assistant in the next office or the partner on the other side of the globe, you can communicate in ways that build trust, respect, and connections with others.

Find out how to:

  • Make small changes in your emails to reinforce relationships rather than weaken them.
  • Share bad news, constructive feedback, apologies, and reminders in ways that reassure readers and create goodwill.
  • Say no clearly and firmly without alienating or embarrassing others.
  • Respond to angry or tactless messages while preserving your reputation and the relationships that matter.
  • Get your professional network involved in the search for your next job or client, with classy announcements, requests, thank-yous, and updates.
  • Communicate confidently even when the words don’t come easily, using the model wording, letters, notes, and emails in this book.

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Order your autographed copy of Business Writing With Heart. Get a free laminated bookmark highlighting the book’s contents. Price: $24.95 each. Discounts begin at just six copies.

Benjamin Franklin AwardBusiness Writing With Heart won two Benjamin Franklin Awards from the Independent Book Publishers Association. IBPA Executive Director Angela Bole talks with Lynn about the book’s significance and unique content in the interview above.

Check out the book’s table of contents and back cover.

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To order from your favorite bookseller, use the ISBN 978-0-9778679-0-5 for the paperback edition of Business Writing With Heart.

Purchase the paperback or Kindle version of Business Writing With Heart at Amazon or at your country’s Amazon site.

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College instructors can receive a free curriculum for a business communications course building on the ideas in the book.

What Fans Are Saying

“I was drawn in by the many stories and easy-to-apply solutions Lynn provides for each of her key points. I recognized situations that I had encountered in my own career, and appreciated the advice given ‘with heart’ that helped me understand—without feeling stupid—how to do things more effectively.
“‘Business Writing With Heart’ is an essential business tool and should be provided with every laptop and smartphone!”
—Dan Gibbs, Learning Design Specialist, Redmond, Washington

“I keep your book at my desk and refer to it often. It has helped me not only with my personal writing, but also with the communication plan for my entire department.”
—Rebecca Vachon, Campaign Communications Specialist, Stewardship and Development, Unitarian Universalist Association

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