Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More

Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More:

Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More: 262 Ways to Take Business Writing Beyond the Basics

Whether you need to win over a single reader or inform a thousand people, your communication must be first-rate: clear, concise, and efficient.

Take Your Writing From Satisfactory to Superior.

Get our practical guide Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More: 262 Ways to Take Business Writing Beyond the Basics.

You can:

  • Be concise, clear, and compelling in all the pieces you write.
  • Feel confident about your style, sentence structure, and word choice.
  • Get consistently positive responses to your requests and proposals.
  • Create persuasive, fresh, exciting messages.

Available in Two Formats

As a 70-page spiral-bound booklet or a downloadable PDF, this guide gives you precise steps and tips to enhance your writing skills: Get expert secrets, strategies, and best practices to apply to everything you write.

Writing expert Lynn Gaertner-Johnston updated 24 of her most in-demand, helpful articles and added 3 new ones to create this practical resource. Based on Lynn’s extensive experience helping thousands of professionals take their business writing from adequate to inspired, this guide:

  • Helps you quickly increase the efficiency, persuasiveness, and professionalism of your written messages.
  • Gives you techniques and suggestions you can apply immediately to get better results.
  • Provides relevant methods, examples, and explanations to increase your confidence and correctness.

If you are looking for practical, painless ways to take your writing from “not bad” to first class, Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More is for you. Price: $39.95, with volume discounts beginning at just five copies.

What Fans Are Saying

“This guide will be extremely helpful for our new incoming class of accountants. While they have all been emailing for most of their lives, many have never been taught the basic etiquette behind electronic communication. The guide will help make sure they start off on the right foot when communicating their thoughts and ideas.”
—Andrea Ballard, Director of HR and Administration, Peterson Sullivan LLP

“When you don’t have time to analyze several hundred pages of a complex style manual, grab this gem to get help fast. This practical guide is perfect for professionals who want to write faster and more clearly, even if all they write are emails. It is filled with easy-to-understand examples and simple, memorable rules.”
—Kathy Goughenour, President, Expert VA Training

Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More covers 27 topics of compelling interest to business communicators. Review the table of contents.

Stop wondering how to take your writing or your team’s skills from better than average to outstanding. In Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More, learn:

  • What you can do to change your writing style when you need to.
  • How you can powerfully affect your reader’s response by changing negative or neutral statements to positive ones.
  • Which six questions you must answer to ensure that your companywide messages inform and inspire your audience.
  • Why stories and story elements belong in business writing and how you can easily incorporate them.
  • Which cowardly behaviors diminish a writer’s personal power—and how to avoid them.

Excerpts from Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More

Add Zing to Your Writing
When you need to write a piece that sizzles, review these 10 practical ways to communicate with energy and spirit.

12 Tips on Writing to Get the Job
Apply these ideas and examples to write powerful proposals, cover letters, resumes, and other promotional pieces.

FAQs on the Rules of Business Writing
Read this article and stop arguing about the points most often disputed among writers on the job.


Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More reveals:

  • Five clear steps you can follow to organize any document, no matter how complicated.
  • Seven steps that practically guarantee a great presentation that meets the needs of your audience.
  • Six precise steps you can practice to create clear, powerful sentences.
  • Five polite ways to follow up when you are waiting for a response.
  • Thirteen secrets of professional proofreaders that you can apply to proofread like a pro.
  • Ten punctuation questions people agonize over, with explanations to end all doubts.
  • Twelve of the best ways to make your email more efficient and effective.

Business and Team Leaders

Do you want to improve the writing at your company? You can help employees and managers take their writing to the next level. License the guide to post on your intranet or document-sharing platform.

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