60 Quick Word Fixes

60 Quick Word Fixes

60 Quick Word Fixes

Always choose the correct word.

Writers at all levels need tips and tricks to help them choose the right word. Continual or continuous? Appraise or apprise?

When words sound alike or have similar meanings, choosing between them can feel like guesswork. And spelling and grammar checkers often offer no help. In fact, sometimes they suggest a change or create a doubt when the word in question is perfect.

Make 60 Quick Word Fixes Your Go-To Resource.

With 60 Quick Word Fixes, you will know when I is the correct choice and when me or myself is the proper word. You will choose confidently between affect and effect, i.e. and e.g., and fewer or less.

Using clear, practical hints, you will recognize the difference between complement and compliment, imply and infer, principle and principal, and many other confusing pairs.

Check the table of contents for the complete list of 60 Quick Word Fixes.

Use the 45-item practice test in 60 Quick Word Fixes to find out which word pairs can trick you.

Can you recognize the incorrect word in each of these sentences?

  1. We were surprised by the large amount of applicants for the unpaid internship.
  2. The principle reason for meeting is to discuss an MBA forum.
  3. Just give the prize to whomever arrives first.
  4. You may call Melinda, José, or myself for information about the process.
  5. Phoenix is perfect with it’s mild autumn weather.

Not certain? 60 Quick Word Fixes will provide the answers.

Know when follow up needs a hyphen and when its requires an apostrophe. Recognize when your grammar and spelling checker has made a valid suggestion—and when it hasn’t. Increase your confidence as a writer!

What Fans Are Saying

“As I have many times, I just pulled out your handy ’60 Quick Word Fixes’ to help me proofread a document for a coworker. I needed to check on ‘effect’ vs. ‘affect.’ Your examples really helped! The explanations are clear, with just the right amount of detail.”
—Elizabeth Patrick, Project Manager, Center for Health Training

Available in Two Formats

Get 60 Quick Word Fixes as a bound 32-page booklet or a searchable PDF.

The downloadable version of the booklet is a standard PDF (Adobe) file designed for use on your computer screen. It cannot be printed. You will need a recent version of Adobe Reader to read the file.

The printed booklet at $9.50 includes shipping and handling. Pay less and get free shipping on orders of just 6 or more.

The downloadable PDF is just $7.00 for an individual license. Buy a license for each computer that will have access to the file. Volume discounts apply.

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Better business writing, guaranteed.