110 Tips for Sending Email That Gets Read—and Gets Results

 110 Tips for Sending Emails That Gets Read

110 Tips for Sending Email That Gets Read—and Gets Results

If you write business email, this desktop booklet is for you. Find out how to inspire your readers to take action. Learn how to add the human touch to your messages. Get tips to improve your email immediately.

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Apply Valuable, Specific Tips.

Try these tips to improve your email today:

Tip 10: Begin with a precise subject. For example, write “Marketing Plans Due Sept. 30”—not “Marketing Plans.” Use case numbers and client names when they are helpful. Avoid the vague “Hi,” which tells readers nothing.

Tip 34: Send Cc (copy to) messages only to people who need to be informed—not to those who need to act. A Cc means “FYI.” Do not expect any action or response from “Copy to” recipients.

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Refer to 110 Tips When You Compose Email.

110 Tips for Sending Email can be open on your desktop while you compose email. The booklet is hyperlinked by topic and searchable by word. For example, if you need a tip on using a Bcc (blind copy), just press CTRL +F (Windows) or Command +F (Mac) and type Bcc. You will quickly find two tips on using Bccs.

This desktop booklet is a downloadable PDF file designed for use on your computer screen. The PDF is not designed for use as a printed document.

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What Fans Are Saying

“As I designed this booklet for you, I had to fight the urge to share it with everyone I know. These tips are so valuable. Applying them, I have new ways to write concise, focused emails that get the attention of my busy clients.”
—Deborah Esposito, Owner, Mirror-Doc

“The desktop PDF of your email tips is very handy. I like how easy it is to search and instantly find the type of tip needed. I can easily see myself referencing the online booklet whenever I need a fast tip for improving my email.”
—John Cline, Learning and Development Manager, Vancouver, British Columbia

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