Signs of Ineffective Writing

Are these signs evident at your organization?

Sign 1: Lack of business writing skills
  • Employees and managers requesting writing classes
  • Ongoing employee struggles with written communication
  • Inadequate business writing skills in new supervisors
    and managers
  • Employees not promoted because of poor business
    writing skills
Sign 2: Badly written documents
  • Unprofessional email
  • Ambiguous, rambling reports
  • Unsuccessful proposals
  • Vague performance appraisals
  • Documents with the wrong information for the audience
  • Messages with obvious errors in grammar and punctuation
  • Ineffective messages sent to clients and stakeholders
Sign 3: Wasted resources
  • Time wasted in miscommunication
  • Money spent to rectify errors
  • Too much time spent on written projects
  • Supervisors’ time used to redo employee correspondence

Better business writing, guaranteed.