Error Quests – Find the error!

Error Quests – Find the error!

Test your proofreading skills in 50 quick challenges.

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Error Quest 1

Ms. Dominguez provided us with strategic information that has helped us grow our business quickly and painlessly. Her insight and expertise continues to be of immense value to us. We recommend her and her partner, Jaime Trujillo, to any business or organization that wants to grow and thrive.


Error Quest 2

We are planning the meeting agenda, and we would appreciate your input. As you know, the principle reason for our meeting is to agree on the final details of the marketing plan. Ron Badgeley will review the latest changes, Naomi Pearce will present the timeline, and both of them will answer questions.


Error Quest 3

In general, your report is excellent. It is concise, clear, and very readable. The executive summary captures the main message well, and the tables communicate a lot of data quickly.

I have just one suggestion: Flush out the section on communication among senior executives, perhaps with survey data and recommendations. As it stands, the section suggests a problem but does not explain it or offer solutions.


Error Quest 4

We are looking forward to an exciting annual meeting on February 11 and 12. If you need any help with your travel arrangements, contact Chris Phillips in Corporate Travel. If you have any questions about your role at the meeting, please email or phone Tavia Johnson or myself.


Error Quest 5

One way to get good discussion among teams is to assign minicases to them to present. For example, if you had five teams, each team could be responsible for presenting two of the minicases. (They would complete all ten cases, but present only two).


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