Error Quests

Proofreading Skill Tests

Test your proofreading skills in 50 quick challenges.

If you want to test your proofreading skills, Error Quests is the tool for you. This booklet in printed format and PDF provides you with 50 proofreading challenges, each one an excerpt from a typical business message.

Each challenge, or Error Quest, contains just one error in grammar, usage, word choice, punctuation, or sentence structure. Your task is to find and correct the error without introducing any new errors. It is not as easy as you may think!

Test yourself with this sample Error Quest from the booklet. It contains just one error.

Error Quest 28

The meeting takes place on Tuesday, August 21st, at 7:30 a.m. It begins with 30 minutes of networking, followed by a 75-minute presentation on negotiating skills and tactics. A continental breakfast of pastry, fruit, tea, and coffee is included.

Read the solution to Error Quest 28

These Error Quests are not literary riddles. Each one features a typical error, along with a clear explanation of why the error is wrong and how to correct it.

Who would benefit from the Error Quests booklet? Anyone who needs to find and correct errors. The proofreading tests are especially valuable for administrative assistants, sales reps, proposal writers, editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers.

"If you consider yourself a grammar expert, 'Error Quests' is a fun way to test your ability to apply what you know to common business writing situations. If you're a little weak on the rules of English, this booklet provides a way to pinpoint the areas in which you need a brushup. The exercises are well orchestrated in offering challenges for all levels without becoming too obscure or pedantic. This makes it a practical review tool to purchase for your entire staff."

Marcia Yudkin, Author, Meatier Marketing Copy and 14 other books

Error Quest Sampler: Sniff out the errors in five Error Quests. 

The Error Quests solutions are not based on anyone’s whims. They follow the recommendations of respected reference guides, although the experts occasionally disagree.

  • The Associated Press Stylebook 2011
  • The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition
  • The Gregg Reference Manual, 11th Edition
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition

The downloadable version of the booklet is a standard PDF (Adobe) file designed for use on your computer screen. It cannot be printed. You will need a recent version of Adobe Reader to read the file.

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"I began ‘Error Quests’ expecting to know 99% of the answers—after all, I write professionally! I soon discovered that you have much to teach me about the elements of business writing, from word choice to punctuation to parts of speech. I would recommend this little book to anyone who needs to communicate well in a business environment.”

Jane Sherwin, Owner and Principal, WordDrive Communications

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