Our Classes

Our Classes

Guaranteed to improve business writing skills and confidence.

New self-guided online format!

Check out our updated courses. Test drive Business Writing Tune-Up, Proofread Like a Pro, and Punctuation for Professionals in a free trial.


Business Writing Tune-Up
Participants tune up their skills in a range of planning, writing, and editing exercises. They get tips, strategies, practice, tools, and expert feedback to quickly improve their communications and confidence.

Proofread Like a Pro
In this practical, interactive course, participants learn and practice professional proofreading techniques to ensure error-free documents and messages.

Punctuation for Professionals
From pre-test to post-test, participants learn, review, and practice applying the punctuation rules they need to communicate correctly and confidently.


Popular courses scheduled to roll out in the new format:

How to Write Email That Gets Results—Emails are pointless unless they get results. In this interactive course, participants learn to get the results they intend, observe email etiquette, and eliminate unnecessary messages.

Meeting Notes Made Easy—This lively course helps minimize note- and minute-taking challenges and increase attendees’ skills and confidence. It includes examples, templates, and practice taking notes at a virtual meeting.

Writing to Build Relationships—Through examples and practical application, employees and managers learn how and why to build and sustain business relationships in every message they send.

License a course to teach yourself.

Turnkey packaged courses are available for Business Writing Tune-Up  and How to Write Email That Gets Results. Contact us for details.

What Fans Are Saying

“Almost every day I think about the tips and tricks you provided in class. Thank you for making such a positive difference in my writing.”
—Kristy Hulverson, Sr. Personnel Specialist, Seattle Municipal Court

Better business writing, guaranteed.