Our Classes

Our Classes

Our business writing workshops are guaranteed . . .

…to improve participants’ skills and confidence in business communication.

Update: Lynn is busy redesigning her popular classes in a new, self-guided online format. 

Proofread Like a Pro and Punctuation for Professionals will be available in early June. Then watch for How to Write Email That Gets Results and The Writing Tune-Up. 

We teach writing workshops in-house at your locations in Seattle, the Puget Sound area, and beyond. We lead online classes for your employees around the world. Contact us to plan a customized learning program to meet your specific goals.

We offer public business writing courses in and around Seattle, Portland, and other large cities. Check the current listings on our Upcoming Classes page. Contact us to request a public business writing class in your city if you have a group of five or more employees.

Better Business Writing
An intensive 1-day or 1.5-day business writing workshop of planning, writing, and editing documents using practical job aids. Includes written suggestions and coaching from the instructor. Can be delivered in half-day segments.

Writing Tune-Up for Peak Performance
A half-day or 6-hour business writing program in which participants make quick repairs in a range of exercises and in the writing samples they bring to class. The live online class takes place in two 1.75-hour or 2-hour sessions.

How to Write Email That Gets Results
A quick, highly interactive workshop on writing email that gets results, observing email etiquette, and eliminating unnecessary messages. This email class runs 2.5 hours in person and 1.75 hours online.

Writing to Build Relationships
An illuminating class in which attendees learn how to build business relationships in their emails, letters, memos, notes, and texts. Tailored to the needs of the group, the course typically runs 3 hours in person, 1.75 hours online.

Meeting Notes Made Easy
A lively learning session that increases skills and confidence for those who take meeting notes and minutes. This note-taking class runs 2.5 hours in person. The live online class runs 2 hours.

Proofreading Like a Pro
A fast-paced class in which attendees learn and practice professional proofreading techniques to ensure error-free documents. The proofreading class runs 2 hours in person and online.

Punctuation for Professionals
A practical review of the punctuation rules employees and managers must know to communicate confidently and correctly. Includes pre- and post-tests to document improvement. The in-person course runs 4 hours; the live online course takes place in two 2-hour sessions.

The Keys to Error-Free Writing
A lively workshop in one full day or two half-days on the essential rules of grammar, usage, punctuation, capitalization, numbers, and sentence structure, with tips and tactics that lead to error-free documents. Pre- and post-tests demonstrate attendees’ increased knowledge.

Contact us to talk about how our business writing courses would improve written communication at your company.


Better business writing, guaranteed.