Needs Assessment for Teams

Needs Assessment for Teams

Score your company’s or team’s writing skills using the assessment on this page.

Assess your individual writing effectiveness.

How Well Do You Write?

0 = Never 1 = Rarely 2 = Sometimes
3 = Usually 4 = Always

Recognizing and Achieving Goals
1.We know what we are trying to accomplish in our writing.
2.We know how to accomplish our goal in our writing.
3.We effectively communicate requests and deadlines that move our readers to action.
4.We know when to write and when to communicate face to face or by phone, and we choose the best method.
5.We work toward the larger goal of building business relationships by communicating consistently, courteously, and professionally.
Saving Time for Writers and Readers
6.We plan, write, and edit quickly.
7.We get our point across clearly and concisely.
8.We organize our writing so that it is easy to follow.
9.We format our writing so key points stand out and readers can skim for information.
10.We include the right information for our readers, avoiding the need for time-wasting follow-up messages.
11.We choose the right vocabulary for our readers, including customers.
12.We save valuable company time by using email efficiently.
13.We can confidently distribute the writing of managers, coworkers, and direct reports without needing to rewrite it or edit it heavily.
Writing Correctly
14.We understand and correctly apply the rules of writing (grammar, punctuation, etc.).
15.When we have questions about writing correctly, we know how to find the answers.
16.We can be proud of the writing we send to external and internal customers, knowing it is virtually error-free.
Using Tools
17.We can easily find excellent models of the kinds of documents we write.
18.We use one or more quick planning methods to organize our writing.
19.We use practical tools and methods to edit and proofread our documents.
20To write consistently across our team or business unit, we refer to our style guide.
Your Total (Click in Box for Final Total)
Total ScoreComments
70 - 80Congratulations! Your team has exceptionally strong writers, who use tools to maintain consistent outstanding performance.
60 - 69 Your team includes very good writers. Review the assessment to identify any opportunities for even better written communication.
50 - 59 Your team is doing well. To take them to the next level, consider the guide Clarity, Conciseness, Zing, and More: 262 Ways to Take Business Writing Beyond the Basics. Subscribe to our blog. Choose an item marked Never, Rarely, or Sometimes to work on today.
40 - 49Your team is doing some things well. At a team meeting, talk about ways to improve writing, and pick an area to improve. Order Help Employees Write Better for 60 solutions to team and individual writing problems.
Below 40Your team could write much more effectively. Contact us to discuss ways to improve writing at your organization.

Assess your individual writing skills.

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